As-Salaam Alaikum, 

The Barakat Iftar Team would like to thank everyone who has committed to serve the community this year. We welcome you to the wonderful month of Ramadan. The Barakat Iftar Team is a sponsorship that allows you and other families to work together to make our Ramadan flow smoothly. It's a time for us to break fast for the love of Allah (SWT). Please read all guidelines and submit your form to the Masjid secretary upon completion. Thank you for your time. May Allah bless you and your family. 




The Barakat Team

Iftar Guidelines:


Arrive 2 hours prior to Iftar to set-up. 
Contact the Masjid at 336.430.1437  if late or unable to provide the necessary components to make Iftar a success.The set-up includes: the coordination of all stations (serving and dining area/ fellowship hall). 
The lobby area is a set-up area to provide foods for the breaking of fast. (i.e. dates, water, fruit, etc.)

Kitchen Facility: 
NO cooking allowed.
It will be your responsibility to keep ALL kitchen utensils clean and returned for the next family’s use.

We ask that ALL foods be prepared, cooked, and ready for warming ONLY before time of Iftar. 
Iftar meals should be simple, nutritious, and all meats must be Zabiha/Halal. 
Please make a note on any foods that have major allergenic components, such as: nuts, tomatoes, seafood, etc. 
There are NO leftovers to be left behind or stored in refrigerator. 

Prepare to serve between 50-75 people.
Serve from disposable aluminum pans. (DO NOT USE PREVIOUSLY USED ALUMINUM PANS) 

We recommend 25 pre-made plates coupled with cafeteria-style serving. The pre-plating should start 15 minutes before Salatul Maghrib.

In addition, prepare the following plates: Security (3), Homeless (10)
(These must be ready before break fast).

Must have a minimum of 3-5 people to serve.


*The prep rooms and kitchen must be left as they were when you arrived. 
All garbage and any decorations not being saved must be disposed of or taken with you.
Chairs in dining area must be cleaned and all tables returned to their proper places. 
Kitchen, serving area, and dining hall floors must be broom clean. 
All food MUST be removed at the end of your shift.

Trash Disposal: 
All trash should be collected from front and back areas of Masjid to maintain the cleanliness. 
The non-recyclable trash is to be taken to the dumpster. If you have any questions, please contact Sister Kimberly at

PSA: Please alert your shift manager if you need any assistance. Your family and assisting staff should be the only persons entering the kitchen.Once approved, the contact person who is listed on this form must reconfirm ability to do iftar at least 2 weeks prior to the selected date or the date selected may be forfeited. 

Please sign below for agreement of these guidelines.