Resident Imam Hassan Yamini 


Imam Hassan Yamini is the former Imam at the Abdullah Muslim Islamic Center in Syracuse, NY. He also served as the Resident Imam of Al Jammiyat Islamic Center in Wyandanch, NY. His love of Islam and people led him into spiritual care. His primary goal as an Imam is to help the believers live a life that is pleasing to Allah and beneficial to themselves and their families. In addition to his duties as an Imam he worked at Carouse Hospital providing pastoral care to Muslim patients. He received his education at Bryant and Straton College and has been a Muslim and student of Imam WD Mohammed for 40 years. His work experience includes owning the Salina Shoe Salon and driving long distance tractor trailers for 25 years.


Imam Yamini is happy to leave the cold weather behind and say hello to the blue skies of North Carolina as the Resident Imam of the WD Mohammed Islamic Center of Greensboro. His 30 + year commitment to Islam serves the Greensboro, NC community well. 

Assistant Imam Shareef Khalfani

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Brother Shareef Khalfani is a native of Saint Louis, Mo., and has been Muslim for over twenty years.

While living in Saint Louis he formally started his Islamic training at Masjid Mu’minum under the leadership of Imam Samuel Ansari. He studied Arabic and Islamic studies at Zaytuna Institute in Hayward, California. In 2006 he moved to Tareem, Yemen and completed Arabic studies at Mahad Badr. After completing the Arabic program, he continued his Islamic education at Darul-Mustafa. While there, he completed a two year course of study that encompassed Quranic recitation, jurisprudence, grammar, prophetic biography, and theology. He returned to Saint Louis in 2010 and later completed his BA in Supply Chain Logistics at Albany State University in Albany, GA. He dedicates his lectures and khutbahs to the importance of understanding the Qur’an in our time. He is married with two children.